Google Launches Free Small Business Tools

//Google Launches Free Small Business Tools

Google is now offering an even more impressive suite of free small business tools to help entrepreneurs compete in the global economy.

One of the world’s largest companies just celebrated smaller ones by releasing a new set of free small business tools.

Taking advantage of free online resources is crucial if you’re starting a new small business venture. We laid out 7 tips here.

The mega search engine hosted a party in New York City this week to advertise its new web portal filled with impressive resources for burgeoning entrepreneurs.

All this is part of “Grow with Google,” an initiative the company began in 2017 to help new business owners develop the skills they need to succeed.

“Small businesses make a big impact on our communities — creating jobs, treating customers like family, and often defining what makes a town unique,” Google Small Business Ads product manager Kim Spalding wrote in her blog post. “Google is committed to helping these businesses use the power of the web to grow and thrive. These tools make it easier for small business owners to find and connect with customers and run their businesses.”

Is this a good thing?

Small business owners have long feared tech giants like Google are sucking up all the oxygen in the room. Or rather, all the advertising dollars in the economy.

Similar giants like Amazon are in such a strong market position most retail businesses are forced to work with them to survive whether they like it or not.

So some of this may be an attempt by Google to give away free small business tools to avoid that monopolistic image.

What do you get?

Visitors to Google’s new suite of free tools, however, can avail themselves of genuinely informative digital skills workshops. The best tool though is definitely their new AI system that will spit out a cursory business plan with just a few inputs.

This may not be super detailed, but if you’re a new entrepreneur, Google can help you get the broad outlines of your business going with just a few clicks.

Google claims it drives over a billion customer connections each year and that its advertising tools created $335 billion in revenue for businesses in 2018.

“With the help of Google resources, we want to make it easier for you to reach your business goals so you can focus on doing what you love,” added Spalding.

If you can’t beat us, join us, Google seems to be saying.

Another free small business tool on offer is Google Primer. This mobile app teaches small business owners marketing skills with interactive 5-minute sessions.

Google’s tentacles are so long it seems to feel it is now in its own best interest to train more regular sized ventures the tricks of the trade. In the end, every business needs placement on Google to survive. So why not help your unwitting “partners” be a little better in their subservient role?

The bottom line

Caveats aside, with so many incredible free small business tools now available, becoming an entrepreneur has never been a more realistic goal.

But every business still needs funding. As always at Velocity capital, we offer alternative financing to small business owners who can’t secure the quick cash they need from big banks.

Google is giving entrepreneurs a leg up with some impressive free resources, but business still costs, and we’re here to help.

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