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Jeff Bezos in space

Jeff Bezos is already the richest man in the world but his new business could net him another $100 billion according to a stunning analysis.

Amazon has already cornered the boring old earth market, so now, they are moving on to outer space.

Jeff Bezos‘ new business venture The Kuiper Project plans to launch satellites into earth orbit to beam high-speed internet to every corner of the globe.

This will bring the web to rural locales never before possible. It’s a good thing. But don’t mistake, controlling who funnels all that data is the ultimate power move in a digital world.

Bezos is readying 3,236 satellites in all and Morgan Stanley now estimates this represents a $100 billion business opportunity.

The firm also says over the next 20 years the “space economy” will grow to over $1 trillion.

Keep in mind this comes from Morgan Stanley’s series on “space disruptor businesses.” So it’s a guesstimate. And Amazon has not yet even outlined a timeline or cost for this project.

Jeff Bezos’ new business rival: Elon Musk

That doesn’t mean it’s not all happening fast.

Jeff Bezos new business venture also puts him head-to-head with Elon Musk and SpaceX.

Musk, of course, has his own rocket fleet and satellite program and has the same goals in mind. This is an all-out space-race to build the next generation of internet satellite networks.

And, in a recent coup for Bezos, last year he hired the former leader of SpaceX’s satellite program.

No one on earth, or above, has had a better vantage on the competition. And with the amount of capital Bezos is able to bring to bear, we may have a new frontrunner.

“We believe investors may want to pay attention to Jeff Bezos for the advancement of efforts in Space, as he has demonstrated both the will and, increasingly, the financial muscle to put to work,” said Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jones.

How Jeff Bezos new business gets to space

The focus of the Morgan Stanley report was on another Amazon sub-firm, called Blue Origin. Besides satellites, the space engineering company is building both a rocket for space tourism and an even bigger one to carry humans and cargo back to the moon.

Bezos new business venture is, of course, going to be wildly expensive. And even though no financials for the project are public, the CEO has been selling more than $1 billion in Amazon stock every year to invest in Blue Origin and their proprietary fleet of rockets.

Space: the final financial frontier

Morgan Stanley’s $1 trillion growth estimate through 2040 could be wildly conservative if both Bezos and Musk are successful in making space flight profitable.

And wouldn’t you know it, Astronomers have just located an asteroid so full of precious metals its estimated worth is over $700 quintillion.

That’s a number so big it barely makes sense. But suffice to say it’s enough to make every person on earth wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

This is all currently being assessed via telescope but NASA has plans to assay the claim with a robot lander, beginning in 2022.

The new space race

It’s hard to predict what exactly an endless supply of precious metals would do to the world economy. You might think it would just devalue commodities like gold, but, most experts agree this manufacturing boon would be a very, very good thing.

Gold isn’t just nice to look at after all. It’s dense and pliable and conducts electricity efficiently. If it was in bountiful supply your iPhone charger might look a lot more blinged out.

For Bezos and Musk though, this unimaginable wealth is beginning to look like a winner take all race to the stars.

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