Andrew B. Goldberg

/Andrew B. Goldberg

We are writing this letter to let you know of the professionalism that John Werz (with the help of
Velocity USA) has delivered to the clients of our company: Goldberg Hedge Funds SA de CV.
We are a very small company (Independent Sales Office) out of Mexico City. Our main products are
commercial financing for clients doing business in the Republic of Mexico and a select few in the United

In the past, we were sending our business to other companies, and usually the underwriting decision
was a week with a huge turned down flag at the end of the process. When we found John Werz of
Velocity USA, our structure has changed dramatically to the positive side.
Because of Mr. Werz, we can now offer a decision to our clients in less than 24 hours for our A to F
paper, and we can close and fund on the same day.

For example, on our first transactions with John, we had a client that needed our help because of pay
roll observations, and our client circulated to us on a Tuesday afternoon. John Werz close and funded
our client by Wednesday morning, and our client met his Friday $75,000 payroll on a timely matter.
In addition, we had a client that needed $72,000 Dollars to meet their quarterly audit minimums, and
John with Velocity funded the loan without a prepay penalty.

Finally, we had a client that was looking for $900,000 Dollars to pay off an IRS deadline, and John came
through with a fantastic offer of $1.03 Million within hours of talking to the client.
From our point of view from Mexico City, John Werz gives the best rates for the customers, the best turn
around time, and the best customer service to the ISO and to the end client. This is why we send all of
our MCA deals to Mr. Werz at Velocity.

Andrew B. Goldberg

Andrew B. Goldberg - PresidentGoldberg HedgeFunds S.A. de C.V.